From The Editor — December 31, 2008 at 11:50 am

A Look Back At 2008 for MDSS

2008 was an exciting year for MDSS — by far the biggest year since it’s creation…
Technically speaking, we started off with a new Virtual server in January that we crashed daily… Then in March, we obliterated the server w/ the “FreshFail” madness… I spent all day moving the site from the server to a new host – all while thousands of people were hitting the site to check out the FreshFail… We went way over our bandwidth allotment on this new host… About 2 months later, it was time to move, again (Just in time actually, since that host went belly-up and disappeared from the internet.) Today, we’re growing out of our current host…

Forum Stats

Entire site stats

  • Visitors – 378,973 (191,561 uniques)
  • Page views – 20,934,204
  • Bandwidth – 1,560,060mb (1.56tb)
  • Hits – 61,526,758
  • Requests from Internet Explorer – 24,375,908
  • Requests from Firefox – 7,648,702
  • Request from Safari – 216,506
  • Most active user (based on IP) Sudhir

Top 3 most active forum days:

  • March 27th
  • March 26th
  • February 3rd

Top 3 most discussed threads:

Top 3 most viewed threads:

The goal for 2009 is to double those figures =) Lots of new stuff is coming this year! Spread the word.

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