Bikers Shut Down Highway for Marriage Proposal


Apparently people in California think highways belong to them to do what they please. (See “Lunatics Doing Doughnuts Shut Down Highway“)┬áThis time, members of the “710 bikerz” motorcycle club/gang/group/”riderzzz” briefly brought traffic to a halt on the 10 Freeway in California on Sunday. The reason? A marriage proposal. While a […]

Making Lane Splitting Legal for Safety


Motorcycles riding between cars! Calm down, the legal practice of lane splitting saves car drivers time and money by reducing overall congestion while allowing motorcycles to take charge of their own safety. Here’s why everyone, including car drivers, should support legal lane splitting. Jamie and a Triumph Street Triple are […]

Motorcyclist arrested over bogus charge


Note: MDStreetScene has a STRICT policy of respecting law enforcement officers. We appreciate their service – especially when it involves catching “car guys” in stupid behavior that tarnishes the responsible enthusiasts image. We have sections on the forum where users can ask law related questions and get the opinion of […]

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