From The Editor — March 30, 2008 at 11:51 am

Admin’s Response to “Fresh Fail”

When calling BS on one of our local members, we had no intention of this going any further than our own area. I thought, once Pizaul posted the source of the original picture of the CLS on the dyno and in “CA” from Mafioso’s CarDomain, the story would be over and FreshC280 would confess it was just a simple little fib. That’s generally how those things go…

BUT, then the story got more bizarre and the lies kept coming. In a matter of days you have some chick named Angela, Moe the Accountant, Danny the crying shoulder of Angela, trips to London, dyno shops in New York, parents homes in Mailbu, parents with identical looking Cobras, pastors with CLS’, divorced parents, girls who aren’t models, web cam girls, normal looking MySpace “Angelas” and more…. There were pictures from various model pages around the internet, multiple MySpace accounts, falsified Facebook accounts, real “Angelas” popping up — all viewed hundreds of thousands of times from people around the globe. The story and multitude of lies/fiction/unbelievable reasoning would be hard to conjure up.

We didn’t ask for it, but we sure as heck had a nice chuckle from it. We gained a lot of new members from the area that had never heard about the community — members that have already shown that they plan to stick around. It brought a little attention to the MDStreetScene name, and it has opened doors to some new networking options. Hopefully, it also taught the OP a lesson.

I think what this boils down to, is the unity and passion car enthusiasts share. Our cars mean everything to us. Girlfriends, wives, friends, and family don’t always understand our passion for our automobiles. “Why are you always out in that damn garage instead of in here with me?” or “You just spent $2,000 on WHAT for your engine? We could have bought new curtains with that money”

When we hear that someone’s car was stolen or vandalized, our blood starts to boil and we want to destroy the person responsible. When someone steals photos of someone else automobile, that clearly doesn’t sit well with others. It’s like someone stealing a piece of artwork and passing it off as their own. The hard work, money, and time you’ve put into your vehicle is then nonchalantly passed off on some message board as someone else’s work. That person didn’t even care enough about the automobile to attempt to describe the modifications of the car. It is extremely disrespectful to Xavier who put money and work into HIS car – only to have some punk disgrace it by knowing nothing about the car and passing it off as his own. Although, I guess one could argue that it’s the ultimate form of flattery…

On behalf of MDStreetScene thanks to:

  • All those that visited and said hi. Thanks for keeping your comments clean and not too personal.
  • Those that contributed to exposing the falsified statements.
  • Pizaul for finding the real owner.
  • Machman for contacting the real owner.
  • Xavier (Mafiaso) whose car was the co-star in this drama
  • 2006 S2k (Tom) for getting the story onto the radio
  • AirBorneFive for hosting the site, all their help during the site/forum move, and bearing with the surge in traffic to their server.
  • Those that donated money to MDStreetScene to help support the site:
    • Projectsplat (from Australia)
    • SquallLHeart (from California)
    • Jiro* (from Australia)
    • black88inmd (MDSS member prior)
    • (Pennsylvania)
    • FNSweetS3 (MDSS Moderator)
    • Acura98guy (MDSS member prior)
    • Ltaylor* (Montana)

*No user name provided…

To Fresh C280 – I hope you’ve learned something from this and best of luck in the future. Get the Legend (or whatever vehicle you actually own) running right and modify it the way you want. Don’t be ashamed of what you own. Make it what you want.

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