Lunatics Doing Doughnuts Shut Down Highway

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A handful of goons in rear-wheel drive cars took to the California highways to show their super-awesome-high-horsepower doughnutting(is that a word?) skill. The internet police on 4Chan have taken to the case to expose those driving/involved in the rush hour madness. Discuss on the Forum!

Making Lane Splitting Legal for Safety


Motorcycles riding between cars! Calm down, the legal practice of lane splitting saves car drivers time and money by reducing overall congestion while allowing motorcycles to take charge of their own safety. Here’s why everyone, including car drivers, should support legal lane splitting. Jamie and a Triumph Street Triple are […]

Ravens Headed to New England


After the 38-35 victory over the Denver Broncos the Ravens are heading up to New England next Sunday to take on the Patriots (who beat the Houston Texans 41-28)  in a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game. Discuss the Ravens in the Forum!

Jessica Barton’s 1,000+HP Supra Stolen


Model and automotive enthusiast Jessica Barton had her 1994 Toyota Supra stolen on January 3rd between 10pm and 4am. The Supra is fairly notorious in the automotive community – pushing 1,200+rwhp. A sketchy Craigslist ad appeared on January 7th with numerous Supra parts for sale – sans pictures. Unfortunately, it […]

Truck Owner Testosterone At It’s Finest


From the video description: “A Chevy truck owner talked way too much crap, and this is what happened. They guy in the Dodge went way too far. A few blows were exchanged afterwards, and the cops showed up.” Discuss this in the forum!

BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition


54 units being produced.. to commemorate the 54 DTM races in BMW’s history. Per BMW’s press release: “Mimicking the looks of Spengler’s racing car, this special-edition model is available exclusively in Frozen Black metallic, while the carbon flaps and gurney, various dark chrome elements, matt black wheels and sections of […]

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