Garage Talk — June 4, 2012 at 10:39 pm

Jaguar Responds to Mad Men Brand Placement

At Last, Something Beautiful You Can Truly Own”

That was Don Drapers pitch to the Jaguar execs in the latest episode of Mad Men. The timeless and gorgeous Jaguar E Type is at the center of the Jaguar pitch. It’s used in several scenes – some more romantic than others (I’d spoil the episode if I told you anymore…).

Jalopnik has an exclusive feature of Jaguar’s marketing/communications VP’s discussing their opinions of Mad Men’s inclusion of the Jaguar brand in Season 5 of the show. Check it out here. The only role Jaguar had in it’s brands placement in Mad Men was some consulting on the cars of that era and what a dealership would look like. And, no, Jaguar didn’t pay for it’s placement. While Jaguar was represented as an exquisite car – it was also portrayed, quite frankly, as a “lemon” – with numerous jabs at it’s lack of reliability. (Some things never do change)

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