Introducing MD Space Scene!

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If you’ve been active on the forum recently, it is probably clear to you that there is a shift happening (no pun intended) in the automotive community. It appears to be dying out. There are less meets, less modified cars out on the road, less comradery between ‘car guys’, etc. It’s become like a bunch of girls bickering amongst themselves – everywhere you go in the car scene.

The Management of MDSS (formerly MD Street Scene) has thought about how to counter this decline in interest in the aftermarket automotive community and has come up with a re-branding of the community. We, the Management, have noticed that there is a rise in popularity and interest in space travel. As such, we feel the future of travel, in general, lies deep within the dark abyss of space. While possibly far out, we want to be ahead of the game in creating a community of space craft enthusiasts – specifically based in Maryland.

We will be slowly phasing out the MDStreetScene brand. All data will remain, in a sense. However, automotive related discussion will be moved to a separate forum section (it will never go away – as we want to remember and honor the past.) You’ll notice we already updated the forum and website banner(s).

Thanks for being apart of the community – which has been going strong for 6 years. We’re excited about this new venture and have many ideas in the pipeline. Live long and prosper.

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