Car Shows — September 18, 2010 at 3:58 am

Team VI’s ‘Wings & Wheels Car Show

First things first, this was my favorite local car show that I’ve been to. Though, I must admit, part of that may have been because I got to fly an airplane. Regardless, that was an attraction at the show so it’s a valid point. The location, an active local airport (in case you didn’t get the hint), was convenient and unique and the atmosphere was relaxed with a live DJ providing a mix of background music. There was a nice selection of food, drinks, and snacks – not a gourmet spread, but certainly sufficient for a car show. However, I don’t think the club who put the show on was ecstatic about the turn-out. Seeing what I saw at the show, I too was surprised at the turn-out. It was pretty well advertised around the community, yet the turn-out was a little meager. I think it’s a lull in the ‘show car’ time in the car world more than anything. It seems like people are more into modifying their vehicles and meeting up with other car people rather than showing off their vehicles to win an award. That is a shame, because this event had minimal, if any, truly ‘riced-out’ cars or inconsiderate participants/spectators. It was an all-around great event! There is certainly potential next year.

Hopefully the car show world will turn around soon and we will see people excited to come back out to shows.


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