Garage Talk, Maryland News — February 1, 2013 at 8:11 pm

No more front license plates!? Not yet, but proposed!

Good news for automotive enthusiasts in Maryland! Sort of. We’re one step closer to not being required to display front license plates. While no proposed bills or laws on the topic have been put into effect (update 9/20/13 – following up on the issue), at least we’ve gained some ground and put the idea out there.

There were two bills proposed, but neither gained any traction beyond the initial mentioning of them. They were HB577 and HB0562.

HB577 said that cars with no holes or brackets from the manufacturer would not require a front plate attached to the vehicle, but rather, the plate would have to be carried IN the car.

HB0562 said that the State of Maryland would not issue front license plates. We would only have a single rear license plate.

You can watch the actual reading of these bills online! (It’s kind of amusing – in a “boring” politics mixed with dry humor sort of way). The gentleman proposing the bill and reading speaks of buying a Corvette Stringray for his wife and owning a 2005 GTO w/ a $2000 front bumper. Click here to watch the video of the bill being introduced (It’s the Maryland General Assembly video website. The video is of the entire meeting, but the link will begin playing at the point where this specific proposed bill is discussed)


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