Garage Talk, Misc — May 20, 2012 at 2:49 pm

D&L Window Tinting’s “Customer Service”

The tinting process took 2 hours. When questioned why it took twice the time it should have taken, I was told it was because of an issue on their end (OK, I can accept that they needed more time to make it right). However, when questioned why I wasn’t called (I left my phone number w/ them) to be alerted of the delay (a customer service issue) some guy walked by and mumbled something he thought was probably very clever. (I hope it wasn’t a manager). When I confronted this guy on what he mumbled, it was clear he wanted to argue on a personal level – rather than listen to the customer and uphold some sort of business professionalism. You don’t attempt to argue or belittle a customer when you want to run a reputable business. This type of behavior is bound to catch up with D&L. In my experience, D&L’s work is generally good. However, the prices are on the higher side. I expect EXCELLENT customer service, and an all-around great experience, if I’m paying a premium for a job. I did not get that on my most recent trip to D&L.

There are numerous Google Reviews with the same experience. I also asked a group of friends about their experience with D&L Window Tinting – without prodding, two said they received some attitude in the sales process.

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