Event Coverage — November 24, 2010 at 9:19 pm

SEMA 2010

MDSS (myself and //GT) traveled to Las Vegas last week to cover the SEMA Show. SEMA is the largest automotive specialty equipment industry gathering. Reserved for industry leaders and media, SEMA is a dream event to attend if you are into modified automobiles. There was SO much to see. If you couldn’t tell from our nearly 600 pictures, it was an overwhelmingly awesome event. Being that it was our first time at SEMA, we were a little overwhelmed at all there was to see.

We started with the outdoor ‘car show’ portion. Spread throughout the front of the various Las Vegas Convention Center buildings, and open to the general public (for free), this was a showing of some heavily modified vehicles, all surrounding a drift/gymkhana course and off-road exhibition area. This alone took nearly half of the day to get through and it still felt like we were running around. We then headed inside one of the convention halls and spent the rest of the afternoon there. We spent the next day feverishly covering the rest of the inside showings – performance, off-road, trucks, show cars, the Ford display, aftermarket parts, and exotics. Speaking of exotics, we noticed a lot of Ferrari 458’s. If you were a wheel manufacturer and didn’t have a Ferrari 458 in your booth you clearly missed the memo – apparently. Can a car guy really get tired of seeing Ferraris? Maybe not – but boy was it repetitive. Overall, we’ll definitely spend another day at the show to get more comprehensive coverage rather than trying to snap a picture of every single thing at the show – which we were pretty successful at.

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