Car Shows — August 8, 2010 at 3:39 am

DUB Magazine/OC Car Show

Every Ocean City Car Show that I’ve attended has been a blast. It’s the perfect location, the perfect time of the year, and the perfect content: cars, lots of cars. The OC Car shows have always been a retreat for my car club and friends. It’s a weekend we never want to miss. This late summer show is a little different from the June show – as mentioned above. The turn-out usually seems smaller. So when it was announced that DUB Magazine would be sponsoring the August show, some eyebrows were raised. There was some speculation and reservation about what exactly was going to be on display at this show. The stereotype of “DUB” draws assumptions of ‘donks’ with huge wheels and tacky graphics and emblems. Surprisingly, this show full of mostly tastefully modified cars – sure, maybe not to the style of the typical tuner crowd and maybe, but the cars that were there were well done. I was actually interested to see the work that went into creating some of these rides. It was well worth the trip to the beach – it’s a hard life.

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